Who is J. Allen Consulting?

Founded by Jake Allen, J. Allen Consulting is a marketing agency in Carthage, Illinois. We specialize in digital marketing, SEO, social media, digital content writing, public relations, and data analytics.

At J. Allen Consulting, we know that your story is unique. Therefore, we offer a variety of services to fit your needs. Contact us today to see how we can help tell your story.

Learn more about Jake

Jake Allen was born and raised in Quincy, Illinois and now lives in Carthage, Illinois with his wife, Kellie, and four children.

Jake has a passion for digital marketing and delivering results to help businesses grow their online presence.

He discovered his passion for digital marketing while enrolled at Southern Illinois University (SIU). As a result, he graduated in 2013 with a BS in Public Relations and completed his MBA in 2016. He regularly participates in continued education opportunities.

Jake has obtained an exceptional business aptitude and skill set from his career experience. He used this experience to gather insights into business ownership and successful business practices.

Additionally, he knows how difficult it is to start a small business and is driven to succeed. Thus, he delivers his passion to each client to help their business succeed.


In 2019, Jake launched J. Allen Consulting to engage his passion. He now provides digital marketing services to businesses based in and around Carthage, Illinois. He also offers his services to businesses located across the United States.

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