5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Blog in 2021

It is no secret that content is king when it comes to marketing your business, but how much value can you deliver to your business by posting a regular blog in 2021? The statistics on business blogs may surprise you.

According to Hubspot.com, businesses with blogs produce an average of 67% more leads per month when compared to businesses that do not blog.

Business blog statistics. 5 reasons why you need a business blog in 2021.
Source: hubspot.com

Also, 80% of internet users interact with both social media and blogs. Therefore, a business blog should be in your marketing plans for this year.

If you are still on the fence about a blog for your business in 2021, here are 5 reasons why you should jump in head first.

  1. Establish your business as an expert
  2. Boost your local SEO (search engine optimization)
  3. Generate content for your 2021 marketing plan
  4. Engage your customers
  5. Inbound marketing

Establish your business as an expert

By far, the most common reason that people read a blog post is to learn something new. As a result, you can use this to your advantage. Own a restaurant? Use a blog in 2021 to post about your new menu items or latest gourmet food photos. What about an auto repair shop? You can use a blog in 2021 to write about the importance of regular vehicle maintenance or your specific field of expertise.

We established earlier that blog readers want to learn something knew, so make sure you write about the most important part of your industry and answer the questions you believe your readers want to learn. Looking to establish your business as an expert but not sure how to start a blog? Let’s talk.

Boost your local SEO

SEO, which stands for search engine optimization, is as important as ever in 2021. As you know, 2020 forced businesses and consumers online and that trend will continue. How will blogging in 2021 improve my business ranking on Google and Bing search results?

A regularly updated blog from your business will serve two purposes while boosting your local SEO. First, a blog for your business will ensure that your business is found online when people search for products or services that are related to your business. For example, a prospective customer may search for “best pizza in Quincy, IL” and a blog from your business titled “awarded best pizza by Quincy, IL voters in 2020” may show up in the search results to link the customer to your website.

Secondly, a business blog will help generate multiple results within the Google and Bing SERP (search engine results page) and provide your business with a better opportunity of receiving a click-through to your blog or product page. It is easy to understand the value: more results for your business on search engines like Google or Bing can lead to a greater opportunity to be found by customers.

Check out our SEO process and let us know if you are ready to start your business blog by contacting us today.

Generate content for your 2021 marketing plan

Content is king when it comes to your marketing plan in 2021. We all know that, but how will you create all of that content? One of the easiest ways to generate the required content is to post regular blogs for your business. Your business will have an extensive bank of content-rich blogs to share across your social media platforms, on landing pages as click-through links, and for email marketing activities.

Quality content is hard to come by, but regularly blogging for your business will go a long way in getting you started. We offer full digital content writing for businesses. Let’s talk.

Engage your customers

Similar to engagements on your social media accounts, you can be heavily involved with your customers on your blog. By simply opening the comments section with each blog post, you can receive excellent feedback directly from your customers. The key here is that your customers can subscribe to your blog and this offers your business another touch-point with this customer.

For example, say this customer likes your business on Facebook, but doesn’t follow your business. Unfortunately, they can no longer be reached organically on Facebook unless one of their friends shares your content. Not ideal, right? If they subscribe to your blog, they will be reached when you write a new blog or send an email campaign to their subscriber email. That is a win for your blog and your 2021 marketing plan.

We can help tell your story to your customers in a variety of ways. From marketing to public relations, J. Allen Consulting is the one-stop shop for your business marketing needs.

Inbound marketing

A blog is a tried and true option to deliver on your inbound marketing targets as part of your 2021 marketing plan. The best part is your blog is live 24/7/365 and is always working for you. All you have to do is regularly blog.

Blogs allow you to be generic or precise with your content approach and both can deliver customers to your website. A blog for your business opens the door to directly engage with your customers and ensure they get the service or product they are looking for.

We all know that marketing is about ROI. Therefore, blogs can attract your potential customers and your content can convert. This delivers your ROI.

Contact us today for all of your marketing needs.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, blogs are an effective way to reach your customers and convert your ROI. The statistics do not lie. A blog for your business should be a priority in 2021 and a major part of your content marketing strategy. Remember these 5 reasons when it comes time to prioritize your marketing plan.

At J. Allen Consulting, we know that your story is unique. Therefore, we offer a variety of services to fit your needs. Check out our most popular marketing services and contact us today to see how we can benefit you tomorrow. We look forward to hearing from you.

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